Why Us?

One of the reasons Frommeyer has been so successful at satisfying clients is our unified 4 deep leadership process. Each project has a dedicated project manager who begins, manages, and ends the job. Your project manager is present at the initial meeting to learn all the requirements and nuances of the project. He/she then formulates an accurate estimate to review with the client. Once the project is approved, the project manager brings in a general field supervisor, who coordinates with him and the Frommeyer superintendent on the job site.

The superintendent works together and maintains close communication with the client site manager, providing a weekly status update, and staying well-informed of all relevant site events so that normal operations are undisturbed.

This leadership “quality check process” ensures that no important elements of the project fall through the cracks.
So what can you expect from your Frommeyer project experience? Commitment to quality, on- time- on budget work, cleanliness, communication, and consideration. For every client, every time.

Commitment to Quality

Quality construction starts with planning and Frommeyer’s commitment is evident from the beginning with:

  • Conceptual Estimating – Broad brush conceptual design is done in-house to save you money on design costs.
  • Feasibility studies – Our Estimation department provides concise estimates that can be relied upon for feasibility and budgeting.
  • Value engineering – Bringing costs down and efficiency up begins with understanding exactly what the project requires, both in materials, scope and time.
  • Recommendations – We recommend the best options for clients based on knowledge and 33 years of experience.


With a seemingly endless number of inter-related issues in a construction project, efficiency can only lie in all parties reading from the same page.

These questions must be asked and answered – assuming nothing!

As individuals and as a group:

  • What will we do?
  • How will we do it?
  • In what order will it be done?
  • When will we do it?
  • How will we know when we’re done?

To answer these questions… WE EXCHANGE INFORMATION!

On-Time, On-Budget Work

Frommeyer has NEVER missed a project deadline in 33 years. Many clients have hard and fast deadlines of their own and we treat every client as if this is the case. Our clients know that a project with Frommeyer will be hassle free without cost or time overruns. We help ensure this result with:

  • A specific and detailed Scope of Work – Frommeyer’s project managers work with the general field supervisor to create a specific and detailed Scope of Work (SOW), incorporating all of the necessary and desired elements of the project. When all parties know what needs to be done and when it will be done, all have a sense of accountability and a unity of purpose.
  • An Ironclad Project Schedule – Based on the SOW and the necessary deadlines, we formulate an ironclad project schedule that everyone, from the workers to the site manager to the project manager, is aware of. Clients know what will be happening weekly and can stay abreast of progress.


One big worry clients have about contracted projects is a lack of communication. We place a big emphasis on communication because without it, wrong assumptions can be made and our contractors could infringe on the activities at an active job site. We facilitate effective communication through

  • Weekly on-site meetings – Our project managers coordinate weekly meetings to discuss progress, client schedules and any concerns. Client site supervisors can reach us at any time for questions.
  • Weekly written status reports – In addition to live updates, we put the project status in writing as an additional layer of accountability and so that it can be shared with other relevant personnel.


At Frommeyer, our goal is to be neither seen nor heard. Dusty loud renovations are unpleasant! We keep the work area clean and even flex our work schedule to accommodate busy work sites. If we have been working on a job at night, the morning staff will be unable to tell that construction crews have been present.


Frommeyer Construction Services Inc. is committed to providing great project experiences for our clients. From top notch products and workmanship, to the personal interactions with our team, we make sure that our clients’ expectations are met or exceeded.

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