Frommeyer Construction Services Inc. performs all types of commercial renovations from simple to complex. Of course our expert team of contractors is knowledgeable about construction. In addition, we have knowledge about and experience with, the particular practices required for specialized construction projects. For each project, we work with the client to determine when the work needs to be performed to avoid impacting business and to ensure completion by the date required.

Supported Industries:


The healthcare industry has many special constraints, especially when the project is taking place in an active work site. Our team members are trained in proper procedures, considering sanitary requirements, patient and staff safety, and pertinent risk factors in the environment. Our primary efforts in healthcare facilities are:

  • Expansion/build out of existing facilities to accommodate growth.
  • Remodels of medical office environments for changed focus or to reach compliance with new healthcare regulations when they require updates.


Office building environments change constantly, whether to update a company’s image and atmosphere, or to accommodate the needs of new tenants. We work on many aspects of office construction, including:

  • Tenant improvements, including building partitions, building out a space to encompass an adjoining space and changing aesthetic features.
  • ADA (Americans with Disability Act) upgrades are common requests for office buildings.


Restaurants often need to upgrade facilities to meet new safety guidelines, and retail space frequently changes owners, requiring some modifications to suit the particular type of product, brand and owner preference. Our team members are knowledgeable about special procedures to maintain sanitation and safety while in the food production environment. We offer:

  • Tenant improvements, including redesign and expert installation of specialty equipment or fixtures.
  • Remodels to suit the taste of new owners or to assist a company’s rebranding effort.


Banks require proper materials, fixtures and wiring for the safety of property, employees and clientele. Frommeyer’s team is aware of these special requirements and experienced in their installation. Some of the unique considerations are:

  • Security Measures, which may include installation of appropriate equipment and proper grade materials to ensure physical security.
  • Refined space in a bank is expected. To provide the correct atmosphere, care is given to design, as well as selecting fixtures and proper flooring for insulation of sound.

Music Studio

Music studios may require multiple rooms that are private, yet integrated so that cohesiveness and comfort are achieved while creating a somewhat formal “performance” atmosphere. One or more sound booths and quality sound equipment installation are also required.

  • Acoustics for a music studio need to be just right for recordings or performances. This requirement necessitates proper ceiling heights and room dimensions as well as proper installation of flooring and insulation.
  • Material awareness is vital to ensure the proper acoustical balance is achieved. Wood, insulation, glass and other elements can affect the sound quality.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are one of the newest entertainment venues that consist of single contained environment with a multitude of “clues” in different mediums. These rooms require special construction, hidden compartments, moving furniture components and sound systems to create specific atmospheres corresponding to unique themes.

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